Rotary values – Diversity

Our most recently added core value is diversity. What is that ? Again I refer to Oxford Dictionary which tells us it means the state of being different, variety or difference. Let´s be frank and admit that Rotary has a lot to do here. If we assume that leaders and people with leaderships qualities – those we say we wish to engage in Rotary –  are evenly distributed among the population, which seems reasonable , then we are not very diverse.

Although women has been admitted to Rotary for 30 years now we still not reflect the proportion of women in the population. Moreover we do not reflect the portion of our population that has arrived during the last twenty years which today amounts to nearly 20 percent.

Last but not least we have grown old. The spread in age and life experience, not only in professions, is something I always have regarded as a unique feature of Rotary. This must be maintained.


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