Rotary values – Leadership

One of Rotary´s most cherished values is Leadership. Our mission is to ”Join leaders , exchange ideas and take action”. But what is leadership ? I do not have to refer to Oxford Dictionary this time since I think everybody has an idea what leadership is. The literature on leadership is abundant. The probably best text on good leadership was however written already 1 850 years ago by the roman emperor Marcus Aurelius. His Meditations is still a fantastic source of wisdom. Another text on a different kind of leadership is also a classic. I think of Niccolo Machiavellis  The prince , a manual for the ruthless, cunning, manipulative and cynical leadership written in the 1500s.

In my mind someone who listens, takes initiatives and responsibility is a leader. It is not about position but ability and maybe talent. But leadership without virtue is dangerous.

In Rotary we should have a excellent opportunity to demonstrate and teach the good leadership. In order to achieve results in a voluntary organization we have to stimulate and engage since we cannot command. It means leadership by being a role model, by touching the members hearts and by showing that we have a good time in Rotary. Are you such a leader ?


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