Rotary values – Fellowship

From time to time we should remind ourselves what our great organisation is based on. I do not mean the Manual of Procedures but those values we share and cherish. The first one is Fellowship. What is that ? According to The Oxford Dictionary it means companionship, association and friendliness it can also mean a group of person, a brotherhood and the membership of such a group.

The fellowship in the club and in Rotary should give us the chance to rely on each other, to confide in and to feel trust in one another and to help each other. But this does not happen by chance. It requires openness and genuine interest in one another. New members should be included and coteries avoided. The role of the leadership in the club is as always crucial. As president you are an example for your club and your duty is to see to it that a friendly and including atmosphere prevails in the club. Disputes should be resolved amicably.

Thus you promote fellowship !

2 reaktioner på ”Rotary values – Fellowship

  1. ”feed back is most welcome”
    ”Hej kära Rotarian i Rotary Uppland”
    Som Göteborgare bosatt i Stockholm och medlem i Rotary Stockholm-Gamla Stan känner jag mig inte särskilt bekväm med att bli kallad Upplänning.


    1. Hej Det vill jag givetvis inte kalla dig. Men du är medlem i en klubb i ett distrikt som i princip motsvarar Uppland. Jag och många andra tycker det säger mer än 2350. Med vänlig hälsning,



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